Regular Care & Cleaning

Following delivery you may notice slight compression on the padding of you lounge.  

Straight after delivery and on a regular basis thereafter it isi necessary to model your lounge to ensure the padding and cushions return to its inital appearance.

Softening of padding and cushions will occur over time.  This will cause light creasing, wrinkling and slight stretching of the leather which is considered to be normal wear, enhancing the look and feel of leather.

Softeneing of seat cushions over time is completely normal and is not considered a defect in any way.  Sitting on one particular seat most of the time will cause that seat to soften more than the others.  For evene war alternate your choice of seat regularly.


Regular Care & Cleaning

Protection, Performance & Bicast Leathers:

Regular Cleaning: Do not allow dust to acculmate on the leather surface.  Weekly, wipe dust off with a soft, damp cloth using an authorised wipes product purchased from Hymark Furniture.

Periodically (6-8 times per year), clean, condition and protect the entire leather surface using an authories leather care kit available for purchase from Hymark Furniture.  Follow the instructions provided with the kit.


Food and Grease:

Any spills must be removed immerciately using a soft, non abrasive damp cloth or absorbant paper, applying minimal presure form the outside of the stain moving towards the centre.  to clean further, use an authorised leather care kit, which can be purchased from Hymark Furniture.  Follow the specific spot cleaning instructions provided with the kit.


For Natural Leather:

Regulars Cleaning:

Only clean with a soft dry cloth or soft brush by dusting off any dirt


Food and Grease:

Remove with a soft dry cloth or soft brush.  Avoid greasy spills as they stan and acannot be removed effectively.

Important Thing to Avoid:

  • If you are removing protective wrappeing do not use any sharp tools which could damage the leather or other upholstered covering.
  • If you move your lounge do not lift or drag it by the cushions which are sewn into the frame.  The correct way to move it is by lifting the sofa, at each end, from the base.
  • Please do not sit on the armrests and backrests.  They are not designed for seating and could potentially damage the frame.
  • Do not expose any part of the lounge to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct or intense sunlight may cause the leather to fade as well as excessive drying and cracking.
  • Ensure that every edge or part of the lounge is placed at least 50cm away from any heat source, including electric and gas heaters.
  • Never user solvents, abrasives, shoe or saddlery care products.  Only ever use industry recommended leather car products suitable for the type of leather.  These are available at Hymark Furniture.



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